Smart Locker Solutions for University Mailrooms

Smart Locker Solutions for University Mailrooms

Leveraging Technology to Simplify Processes and Provide a Great Experience

The growing shift to online shopping has dramatically increased the volume of packages being delivered to students at colleges and universities throughout the nation. This growth in packages being delivered has universities looking for better, more efficient ways to receive, process and deliver student packages.
Today’s students expect a pickup process that mirrors their purchasing experience – simple, easy and convenient for them. So how can universities leverage technology in their limited space to optimize their processes and provide students with a simplified pickup process all at once?
Introducing CleverBox from Cleveron, a smart locker solution that is revolutionizing the way universities handle packages and modernizing the way students get them!

Benefits of CleverBox for Universities

  • Simplifies the handling process of incoming packages
  • Automates the package handling and notification process
  • Provides students with an autonomous self-service experience
  • Eliminates the need for students to wait in line
  • Enables 24-hour pick-up for students

How CleverBox Works

With CleverBox, the entire package handling and pick-up process can be simplified to five simple steps:

1. A worker scans an incoming package and the system assigns a specific locker, based on the size of the package.
2. The worker then takes the package to the terminal, scans it in and the assigned locker door automatically opens.
3. Once the package is placed inside and the door is closed, the system sends the student a message that their package is ready for pick-up with a unique code.
4. The student scans or types in their code at the terminal and the locker door opens with their package inside.
5. Once the door is closed, the system updates the mail center's database that the package has been retrieved and that the locker is ready to be used again. The student also receives a message that the package has been retrieved.

Learn more about how Bloomsburg University became the nation's most technologically advanced campus mailroom.

To learn more about how CleverBox can streamline and modernize your university's mailroom, contact us today!

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