Packaging Automation

Packaging Automation

The dramatic shift to direct-to-consumer shipping is placing enormous pressure on today’s distribution centers and shipping operations. The challenge? Most order packing systems were designed for speed, but only at high volume and low variability. They simply were not intended to handle e-commerce fulfillment where the dimensions of every package could be different.
Our packaging solutions automate the boxing and labeling functions with a fit-to-size packaging system that measures, forms and wraps each individual shipment in its own perfectly sized carton. That means that every box that comes off your line has been optimized for the lowest production cost and shipping rate. In addition, each package can even be customized with full-color, variable printing on the outside or inside of the box.
Bell and Howell’s full portfolio of packaging automation solutions can lower your overall costs while increasing output and capacity.

Cost Savings:

  • Minimize DIM surcharges
  • Eliminate need for void fillers
  • Reduce labor by 10 – 20x versus traditional methods
  • Reduce stocking requirements for packaging supplies

To learn how your organization can increase your packaging efficiency and reduce your overall pack and ship costs with a customized packaging automation solution from Bell and Howell, give us a call today.

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Automate your e-Commerce pack and ship operation


for high-speed inserting into padded envelopes and rigid mailers

CartonWrap1000 with Packvertize is the first system of its kind to deliver full color variable printing onto custom sized, ready-to-ship packages. See more Bell and Howell videos on Vimeo.

CartonPack dynamically box and labels tote based, ready-to-ship goods. See more Bell and Howell videos on Vimeo.

BubbleWrap offers high-speed protective bubblewrap packaging and shipping preparation. See more Bell and Howell videos on Vimeo.

SmartMailer is a compact, continuous motion inserter with flexibility to work with rigid mailers or padded envelopes. See more Bell and Howell videos on Vimeo.

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