Direct Mail

The global marketing and advertising industry requires an extremely high volume of printed mailpieces. Commercial printers sometimes handle more than 5 million printed direct mail pieces in a six-month period. This includes a variety of tasks that are performed manually. 


•    High cost of manual labor
•    Time inefficiencies
•    Accuracy in labeling, stuffing, scanning and sorting

Our Solution

Using the JETVision multi-camera system that automates the printing and mailing process, the cycle speed of the Producer is able to achieve a rate of one hour of machine production equivalent to four operators hand-stuffing for a ten-hour shift.

Data Automation

for scalable application management


for automating outgoing or incoming flat mail sorting


for mailpiece assembly finishing

Criterion Apex DM

for a fast and modular sorter that grows with your business needs

Producer Series

for letters up to 25,000 cycles per hour with additional flats capability

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Bell and Howell offers our award-winning Bell and Howell Services to other manufacturers too. Whether your company product sales are exceeding your service capabilities or you simply want to outsource some service functions, we can help you grow your business. Take a look at the services we can provide other product manufacturers.

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