Production Tracking and Work Order Management

No one knows better than you how important it is to have timely, accurate data to make important decisions about your business. More often than not, managers have little or no visibility into production mail operations, or what visibility they do have is based on old or manually collected data.

Real-time access to production data can have a major impact on increasing the effectiveness and efficiency — and ultimately the cost — of your communication process. And Bell and Howell offers solutions and services to help achieve these business goals in even the most complicated mixed-vendor environments.

Our Production Tracking and Work Order Management software offers many capabilities for automating your ADF production processes, and can be ‘right-sized’ for small, medium and large companies. The solution can help you manage every area of your document factory, from data management to shipping and postal delivery. One solution allows real-time job, operator and resource tracking, and supports the industry’s widest variety of hardware and software data collection devices, ranging from advanced reading system and hand-held scanners to native connectivity to a machine control system.

Our modular software design ensures it will meet your business needs today and in the future as your business grows or needs change. The system is designed for excellent scalability, performance and easy integration with existing systems.

Production Tracking

Production Tracking is a Web-based software solution for centralized productivity, management and reporting. The solution tracks every job, machine and operator in every operation area, from the moment a new process starts through completion. With continuous live data, you will always know the exact status of every active operation.

The Production Tracking component uses a relational database for consolidating and managing data, and provides a single view of all systems regardless of the vendor, age or service performed.

The Production Tracking console shows live production in an easy-to-understand, graphical display.

Work Order Management

Work Order Management provides the user the ability to model orders and the associated jobs that complete each order, track jobs through multiple processes and reconcile on a per job or per order basis. Jobs, system down codes, and operator lists can be centrally coordinated, managed and validated, eliminating redundant set up at individual machines. Users have the ability to enter master orders/jobs and define customers, products, operations and work notes. Applications may be modeled using multiple operational areas such as receiving, imaging (printing), inserting and shipping. Jobs can be initiated manually or automated via receipt of an electronic feed.


The Alerting system adds the capability to automatically recognize predefined situations and communicate that status to one or more users. The system uses business rules you define in order to trigger an alert to operators, management, or even your customers or service providers. Alerts can be sent to voice mail, pagers, email or fax machines.

Features and benefits

Manage your entire production operation:
  • Monitor production activity
  • Optimize resource productivity
  • Implement employee incentives
  • Manage profitability and growth
  • Schedule production activities
Some of the supported functions:
  • Know exactly what jobs, machines, and operators are on the production floor
  • Track time and effort for more accurate quoting
  • Track machine productivity and down time
  • Review operator performance
  • Easily identify problematic machines and trends
  • Create and view dynamic reports