Multi-Channel Messaging

In order for a company with bills, statements and marketing promotions to remain competitive in today’s market space they need to have a plan and solution for being able to deliver information via multiple channels to satisfy each recipient’s preference and build strong customer loyalty.

There are many options, technologies, and services to consider as a business decides how invested they want to become as a print and digital communication provider.

Data Management

Clearly a process that is capable of managing and processing data from a single source though multiple delivery channels has an advantage over an environment that has separate, redundant methods for preparing and delivering information. A highly flexible solution that has the ability to bring together the required data elements in the right format with full delivery and tracking capabilities will minimize costs, enable easier reporting and controls, and simpler messaging and servicing.


Print is quickly evolving from static black and white to dynamic use of high-impact color. The Web is moving from a digital destination that presents information in a high resolution monitor to an information portal that is capable of bring together the best attributes of highly personalized marketing sites with the same security controls as a financial site. And ever faster moving is the smart mobile platforms which are transforming a mobile phone to a computer that offers always available convenience and mobility.

Build vs. Buy

Keeping current, and in some cases ahead, of the technology explosion is causing many companies to consider whether they should be the owner and creator of these solutions, or if they are better off partnering with a company that can provide them with turn-key services that may offer quicker time to market and lower investment in skills, tools and personnel.

For every company this decision can have different answers from different stakeholders, and what is the right decision today may be better served a different way a year from now.

Key benefits of a flexible multi-channel messaging system include:

  • Being able to reach multiple delivery channels from a single data file
  • Tracking and managing delivery preferences in a central repository
  • Reporting that consolidates delivery and activity metrics across all channels
  • Ability to expand when the next new technology becomes right for your business
  • Support for all platforms of a particular channel – for ex being able to support apps on all smart phones