Lower Postage Costs

Trying to satisfy postal standards while optimizing postage discounts can seem like a daunting challenge. Bell and Howell offers one of the widest ranges of solutions to either digitally or physically address lowering postage costs, while providing the many benefits of added operational efficiency.

We offer many options to help you lower your postage costs, including:

  • BCC Mail Manager Full Service delivers an exclusive suite of comprehensive mail-preparation functionality for high-volume operations requiring the widest array of mailing capabilities. Powered by a proprietary encoding engine that can turbo-charge your mailing workflow, this truly Full Service product is the optimal choice for top-tier mailers seeking a high-performance solution.
  • The veteran of Bell and Howell’s line (whose core technology provides the foundation for BCC Mail Manager Full Service), BCC Mail Manager provides essential mail-preparation power for mail shops of all sizes and specialties, with premium options that allow your features set to expand with your business.
  • Ideal for small-volume or occasional in-house mailers, BCC Mail Manager LE provides CASS and PAVE certified encoding and presorting technology with powerful integrated list-management features, built-in access to Data Services and much more. LE users have access to Bell and Howell’s unlimited technical support, as well as a convenient upgrade path to full-featured BCC Mail Manager and Full Service, as your needs increase.
  • cQuencer software delivers unparalleled statement-processing performance. USPS® CASS and MAC certified, cQuencer provides the presorting and postal manifesting capabilities you need to ensure that the highest volume statement fulfillment operations run smoothly and accurately, while still yielding easy and economical downstream delivery.
  • The Criterion APEX sorter has been designed with the latest technology to increase your productivity, process a wider variety of mail and ensure greater flexibility for your ever-changing needs.
  • We’ve teamed with Engineering Innovation Inc. to offer the EZ-Flats sorting system. If your daily flats volume is 3,000 mailpieces or more, then the EZ-Flats system is the perfect postage-saving solution for your operations. With its combination of market-leading technologies, the EZ-Flats system can help you achieve maximum postage discounts.
  • Add flats processing to your current operation, even if you don't handle large volumes of flats, and expand your letter-sorting capabilities with Bell and Howell's FlatsMgr solution .
  • The NetSort sorting software platform is a milestone in the evolution of sorting software. It improves on the best elements from WinSort®.

Our commitment to you

Every day, we help customers identify ways to enhance their operations and their bottom line. We look at every challenge as a new opportunity, and are relentless in our pursuit of developing solutions that help them succeed. From hardware, software, vision and reading, to support and service, we provide answers that meet operational goals and environmental standards.