Mailpiece Integrity

Ensuring every mailpiece satisfies 100% quality and integrity requirements is not just a nice to have, it is a must have, for mailers producing transaction or highly personalized direct mail pieces.

There are many aspects and areas to address when building an environment that provides a highly automated, reliable, and scalable process.

Data Quality

Today’s integrity systems start by ensuring the quality of data, a task that is growing increasingly difficult due to the high volume of change of addresses every year, the complexity of pulling data from multiple databases and systems, and the requirement of a high degree of personalization many mailers are trying to achieve. Providing high quality data, that is correctly managed and combined, is the first step in achieving mailpiece integrity

Document Quality Triangle

Intelligent Systems

The next step for mailers to address is ensuring that the production equipment used to print and finish each mailpiece does so without any errors. For coordinating and tracking the print of multiple engine systems, to tracking the assembly and finishing of every item, mailers are investing in newer systems with many advanced controls and methods for ensuring that every item is accounted for and managed throughout the machine process.

For companies still using legacy systems that do not have the built-in advanced controls like newer systems, mailers have the option of adding powerful vision systems to inspect the quality and integrity of every mailpiece and/or its components. These systems have become so advanced in recent years that they can elevate the level of control in older system to match the newer models, ensuring 100% control.

Monitoring and Tracking

The final step in achieving elevated levels of integrity control in a production operation is having centralized reporting and management systems in place to provide an aggregated view of every item of every job across an entire organization in real-time. These systems enable a mailer to proactively manage operations, and be immediately identified if there are any issues which would cause a quality or integrity error, and minimize the cost impact of any production issues.

Key benefits of an Automated Integrity Solution

  • Significantly reduces the time required to manage daily jobs
  • Minimizes the errors that can occur when operators are responsible for accounting for their own work
  • Provides real-time controls for tracking every item throughout the process
  • Satisfies company and regulatory requirements