Digital Co-mingle

Our industry-leading analysis solution enables mailers to maximize postage discounts while achieving the highest degree of efficiency throughout the whole mailing process.

Digital Co-mingle allows you to enhance your operations to achieve a greater overall savings per mailpiece. Our solution analyzes data to determine which mailings would benefit from co-mingling. This allows for the highest possible discounts and gives you the tools to plan your production, planning and processing of your available capacity.

Digital Co-mingle Can

Furthermore, the available information from the USPS® can be included in order to fine-tune your mailings and planning. Digital Co-mingle makes you more profitable by using historical, current and customer data.

This complete closed-loop solution for your operation ensures that you gain as much from your business as possible. By having complete control of your process and operation you can:

  • Maximize postal discounts
  • Optimize planning by using historical, current and customer data
  • Maximize efficiency of resources on the work floor
  • Control your total process from before data through to delivery information
  • Satisfy your customers