Technical Training Center

Bell and Howell continues its commitment to customer success with our Technical Training Center. Our robust training curriculum offers technical training for both our customers and our own Bell and Howell associates. As an option, you can also work with us to arrange training at your preferred on-site location. Let Bell and Howell enable you to optimize your operations, efficiencies and bottom-line results.


Product Training and Testing

Through our Support ServicePlus program, we offer technical training or knowledge testing on select products for our self-service customers. Training is customized for your products and operations.


PTI Sorter Training

Thank you for your interest in the PTI® sorter standard training course. Each student who successfully completes this training becomes certified by Bell and Howell's Technical Training Center on Postal Technologies sorting equipment.

Each course graduate becomes the first point of contact for any technical support calls made to Bell and Howell Technical Assistance Center. The ideal course candidate for this training is:

  • Competent with electrical test equipment and hand tools
  • Able to work around live voltages and moving parts
  • Has the ability to follow wiring diagrams and electrical circuits

Experience with electrical components is a plus. A good knowledge of personal computers is necessary, as the class does not cover operating systems or common operations such as copying files, etc.

Due to time constraints, we do not teach postal rules for mail processing. Each candidate should be knowledgeable about how mail is handled on site.

The five days of class cover machine hardware, component location, power requirements and circuits. A considerable amount of lab work is spent performing "hands on" troubleshooting and operation.

Attendance is required for each day of the class. Each candidate is required to complete homework every night and pass the final exam before being certified on the hardware operation of the machine.

To register for a course, please contact Mike Kowa:
Phone: (919) 767-4338


Supplemental Operator Training

Training initiatives can lead to improved customer service support, enhanced quality output, increased revenue and lower employee turnover. Our Technical Training Center offers you expertise in training your operating staff. Operator training is designed to enhance and refine your staff’s knowledge and skill in running Bell and Howell equipment.

Customized training options

We offer many solutions for operator training, all completely tailored to your specific needs. From initial operator training on newly purchased equipment to refresher courses, our staff is prepared to customize an appropriate training session to meet your requirements.

When you need training on newly purchased equipment, our training consultants collaborate with you and our internal service and sales staff to determine the training requirements. For refresher courses, we customize the training session to the specific needs of the operators and to the requirements you establish.