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Get the maximum value from your BCC Mail Manager or BCC Mail Manager LE software with our Express Learning Sessions (ELS), a free series of online tutorials designed to optimize your BCC Mail Manager efficiency. ELS events offer high-impact "one-on-one" training in a live, online environment. Sessions are brief (about an hour) and allow you to brush up on specific BCC Mail Manager features without leaving you office.

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Anatomy of a Presort

New to BCC Mail Manager and mailing in general? This introductory course is for you. You'll take your first steps toward navigating the path to postal presorting that leads to increased mailing speed and effectiveness, and reduced postage fees. Topics include:

  • Defining parameters to presort a mailing job
  • Mailing terminology and abbreviations commonly used in presorts
  • Labels and Reports from a presort
  • Demonstrating a presort using advanced features
  • Postal references
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Calculated Expressions

Learn how to use Mail Manager’s Calculated Expressions to modify records. The most commonly used expressions are discussed and demonstrated. The following topics are discussed in this session:

  • Defining Calculated Expressions and what can they do
  • Creating expressions
  • Using the Expression Builder, Index Builder and Selectivity Builder
  • Creating Calculated Text
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Dupe Removal and Data Quality

Learn how to remove duplicate records and use encoding return codes to reduce redundant or undeliverable as addressed mail. Also learn strategies for dealing with address records that are not valid. Featured topics include:

  • Finding duplicates or de-duping
  • Selecting valid encoded records for a mailing
  • Strategies for dealing with invalid records
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Enhanced Merge Purge

Get to know the basics of using this powerful option to merge records from multiple lists and purge addresses from others resulting in one efficient file Featured topics include:

  • What is Enhanced Merge/Purge?
  • Features
  • Merge Schemes
  • Match Indexes and Match Codes
  • The Merge/Purge Wizard
  • Demonstration
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Introduction to BCC Mail Manager

Learn how to prepare a mailing with BCC Mail Manager, covered in this on demand session are:

  • Creating a layout
  • Importing a list
  • Encoding Addresses
  • Finding Duplicate Records
  • Presorting Records
  • Printing Postal Reports and Labels
  • Configure settings
  • Using Help
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Mail.dat and PostalOne!

Learn how to use BCC’s Mail.dat Wizard and navigate the USPS Business Customer Gateway. Topics include:

  • Overview of Intelligent Mail® Full Service
  • Discussion and demonstration of Bell and Howell BCC's Mail.dat Wizard including the PostalOne! Mail.dat Client to generate, validate, and transfer Mail.dat 09-1 jobs to the PostalOne! Test Environment for Mailers (TEM)
  • Test Scenarios required for PostalOne! certification
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Mailing Basics 101

Designed for the person new to mailing, this session reviews mailing fundamentals of:

  • Standard and First-Class Mail Classes
  • Mail Processing Categories; Letter, Flat, Machinable Parcel and Irregular Parcel
  • Manual preparation of a presorts and postage statements
  • Basic Presort Levels, Auto Carrier Routes and Destination Discounts
  • Manual preparation of a presorts and postage statements
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Get to know the BCC Mail Manager option that can bring powerful automation capabilities to any mailroom. You'll learn how to record, modify, and set recurring jobs to run with little or no operator attention, enabling greater efficiency and allowing you more time to handle more jobs.

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Track N Trace

This ELS is a general overview of Bell and Howell’s Track N Trace feature Topics include:

  • How individual mailpiece tracking can help your business
  • Understanding delivery trends – the key to more economical mailing
  • Essential Track N Trace functionality
  • Understanding Track N Trace delivery reports
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