Product Reconditioning Services

We offer several economical ways for you to upgrade your mailroom operations with the purchase of reconditioned equipment.

Certified rebuilt equipment

Instead of discarding equipment or maintaining sub-par performance levels, we can provide you with certified rebuilt equipment.

This option entails our technicians completing a full product disassembly, followed by an extensive rebuilding process of all assemblies and components.

They replace all broken components and wear items. Additional upgrades or unique configurations are available and may include new components for added machine efficiency, performance and mailpiece integrity.

The equipment will look 'like new' in appearance and functionality. Your applications, when provided, are certified to agreed-upon performance specifications. You get a warranty-backed piece of equipment with the highest quality and restored capabilities for maximized performance.

Refurbished equipment

This option involves an extensive preventative maintenance service, including a thorough cleaning of the equipment. We replace all broken components and worn items. Hardware and software upgrades are available at an additional cost.

The equipment will be cosmetically clean in appearance. Your applications, when provided, are certified to agreed-upon performance specifications. The Refurbished Equipment warranty is half of the duration of the Certified Rebuilt Equipment warranty.

As-is equipment

This option provides you with equipment without any type of rebuilding, updating or cleaning prior to delivery. The equipment has no warranty or performance guarantees.

Engineering services

We can configure your existing equipment to operate at maximum production potential. By offering additional machine enhancements, we can help you reach your production requirements. Our Engineering Services team can provide you with options to maximize your productivity using the equipment you own today.

Field change orders

We can help you increase the productivity and value of your equipment by retro-fitting the equipment with the latest enhancements right in your own facility.

Repair and recovery services

This service supports the repair or reconditioning of warranty components and assemblies used on Bell and Howell and other supported original equipment manufacturer components.