Vision Technologies

With JETVision you can read, decode and manage information on printers, finishing equipment, manual operations and countless other production areas.

JETVision Reading Systems

The JETVision family of solutions includes hardware and software solutions that lower costs, improve productivity, collect data, monitor the quality and integrity of production operations, and operate and control an entire production system — including integrated components.

With JETVision you can read, decode and manage information on virtually any system from any vendor so that your business can immediately start:

  • Being more productive
  • Working smarter and faster - and saving money
  • Ensuring that corporate and regulatory quality standards are met
  • Having a complete audit trail of every piece processed - with easy job reconciliation
  • Connecting to a centralized management system like our IQ Software Suite
  • Adding integrity and extending the life of legacy non-intelligent systems

JETVision is available in different hardware configurations, with a wide range of software offerings. The hardware configurations are designed for easy integration with a production system, process or work area, and the software offerings are packaged to address unique quality, integrity and productivity requirements.


Software Packages

We created a combination of software modules to provide all the services you will need to ensure that every item processed has been properly handled. With JETVision you can easily perform quality checks in any phase of the process - from entry into a system, to splitting and folding, to insertion and late print by an ink-jet printer - and validate the quality and integrity of every piece.

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A comprehensive selection of vision modules ranging from simple operations performed with a single camera to very complex operations using one or more cameras. JETVision Configurations offer flexibility to perform different application readings with all types of requirements.

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