Software Packages

Postal IQ enhances the complete document production process by optimizing postage costs and jobs for easier, more efficient processing. Postal IQ ensures all account information satisfies postal quality standards and easily creates required postal reports.

Multiple jobs can be digitally co-mingled providing greater savings by creating deeper densities and volumes across zip codes. If mailpieces are damaged, Postal IQ can update postage reports so that postage is not paid on spoiled pieces.

Solutions can be custom designed for every mailer’s specific needs.

divider NetSort Outgoing

The NetSort® sorting software platform is a milestone in the evolution of sorting software. It improves on the best elements from WinSort® and MaxiSORT.

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The WinSort sorting software platform provides mailers with the ability to generate all USPS® reports for commingled mailings.

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divider MOVEcomply

A simple and cost-effective means to comply with Move Update requirements

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