Track N Trace

Follow each mailpiece from the first scan to the destination scan with Bell and Howell's Intelligent Mail® delivery tracking solution, Track N Trace®.


Track N Trace enhances your mailings with…

  • Predictability to pinpoint delivery dates for tightly coordinated marketing efforts
  • Accountability that allows you to keep tabs on postal performance, and be a watchdog for your clients
  • Visibility that makes the mailstream an "open book," so you can plan mailing jobs for optimum results

Features and benefits

  • Uses USPS® Intelligent Mail® barcode to deliver end-to-end tracking of a job's – and each individual mailpiece within that job's — path through the mailstream
  • Full Service ACS is supported
  • An express lane to the IM® barcode—no need to apply for a USPS® Mailer ID
  • Performance Reports, with advanced mapping and 3-digit ZIP specificity, provide enhanced reporting
  • Data exports give quick, easy access to detailed mailpiece and scan data
  • Fully integrated with BCC Mail Manager or used as a stand-alone application
  • Available reseller option allows third-party branding of Track N Trace to end-user clients
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Track N Trace Online Demo
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Solution Availability
BCC Mail Manager Full Service Optional
BCC Mail Manager Optional
BCC Mail Manager LE Optional

Track N Trace Reseller Site

Available for all levels of BCC Mail Manager solutions, Track N Trace Reseller Site service allows you to place the power of mailpiece delivery monitoring in your customers’ hands.

24/7 IMb Tracing reporting functionality in a secure, worry-free Web-based interface.

Give your customers access to USPS® IMb Tracing reporting technology and USPS® Intelligent Mail® barcode data through the Track N Trace Reseller Site option. Designed for mailers who process mailings for their clients, the Track N Trace Reseller Site is a stand-alone website customized with your logo and a personalized color scheme. Direct your customers to the site and allow them to see where their mailings are in the delivery chain.

Features and benefits

  • Amplifies functionality of Bell and Howell’s prepaid Track N Trace mailpiece tracking service using the USPS® IMb Tracing product (sold separately)
  • Offers secure end-user access to essential USPS® IMb Tracing delivery data
  • Customizable site may be branded with subscriber’s company logo, signature colors, and key contact information
  • Reseller Site URL link may be added to existing company Web site