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Secure Card Solutions

Managing a secure vault remains one of the most manual and time-intensive operations within a secure card issuing facility. Card issuers manage hundreds or thousands of different card types and process thousands of orders per day. Since each order may require only a few cards, vault operations assemble a single deck consisting of multiple orders by arranging various numbers of cards of differing types in the proper sequence resulting in a rainbow deck. Traditionally vault operations assemble rainbow decks by hand and multiple people count each deck and double-check against each order.


The Instant Issuance of Financial Debit Cards

Financial institutions in the USA are rapidly implementing systems to provide for the instant issuance of debit card products in branch locations. There are many benefits derived from instant issuance.This paper provides information and considerations to help you with your decision and planning.

The competition for customers is fierce. Customers are switching banks more often and are deciding whom to bank with based on convenience and customer service. Financial institutions are not only implementing instant issuance systems, but they are intensely marketing the new capability.

Instant Issuance systems not only help you in the battle for customers, but also provide other benefits, including cost savings.


The Revitalized Demand for an Automated Document Factory

With postal rates on the rise and information privacy regulations becoming increasingly strict, the business of printing and mailing has taken on a new scope and importance. Striving to reduce costs and ensure compliance, organizations look to leverage existing investments in technology and connect the islands of automation that exist in their document production systems. Ensuring financial stability, operating efficiency and regulatory compliance in the today’s information-rich business environment requires increased intelligence and connectivity throughout the process. These benefits are gained by adopting an Automated Document Factory (ADF).


Innovative Mailing Solution

Our recent research shows that mail yields the highest return on investment (ROI) among marketing channels. While consumers are increasingly interacting via digital media, this data shows that the physical mail piece remains an important marketing and communications channel. Advances in technology have brought new capabilities to this market, including improved personalization and innovative mailing solutions. While most marketers focus on personalization of what is inside the envelope, they often overlook the marketing opportunity that the outside of the envelope presents.


Using Message Relevancy to Drive Customer Loyalty

With the increasing popularity of transpromotional mailings and electronic delivery, enabled by rapidly evolving technologies from data processing through printing and finishing, there are many opportunities to increase customer loyalty, message impact and revenue through meaningful communications.


Optimizing Production Workflows

A large percentage of mailers have experienced the productivity and cost challenges of short-run inserting jobs. Over the years, technology and process decisions that were meant to provide a higher level of control over application handling, postage management and accounting, and messaging, have contributed to the problems. In this paper we will examine how mailers can start transitioning their workload into fewer, longer-run jobs whether in an offset or digital print application environment.


The Power of Data

As a solution provider to companies in the mail and messaging business, we spend a large percentage of our time working to address their business and technical challenges, and those of their end customers.


Symcor: Being Strategic and Re-tooling Workflow

Most of us have a basic sense of the difference between strategy and tactics—strategy represents the big picture, while tactics involve the details. When it comes time to actually put this knowledge into practice, however, many of us are unsure about how to do it effectively.


Mobile Apps: Meeting Consumers Where They Want to Communicate

Consumers have been conditioned to seek out mobile apps for all aspects of their lives, including interactions with the companies they do business with. Consider this–Apple recently announced that its App Store had topped 40 billion downloads, with over 20 billion of those downloads coming within the last year. The last week of 2012 saw over 50 million new iOS and Android devices activated worldwide, which is up from 20 million for the same period a year earlier. This white paper discusses how changing consumer demands are driving the need for mobile delivery of customer communications.