What is Intelligent Mail®?

Full Service or Basic?
Is it time to venture into the world of Full Services Intelligent Mail, or stick with the Basics for now?

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Intelligent Mail is the technology platform for the next generation of mailing services, features and products. The platform consists of a suite of barcodes supported by an enterprise-wide architecture.

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Mailers and the Postal Service will gain end-to-end visibility into the mailstream through the use of the suite of Intelligent Mail® barcodes and by submitting electronic documentation, which will create actionable information about mail for marketing, financial and operational environments.

Transitioning to an Intelligent Mail® workflow begins with using one of two levels: Basic or Full Service. (See which level is right for you.) Either level provides the minimum standards necessary to move your operations to this next generation of postal technology.

Signing up for Full Service involves 5 key steps:

IMb Supplemental Information

Contains all the supplemental information needed to succeed with the Intelligent Mail barcode including:

  1. Printing Infrastructure

    To produce Intelligent Mail® barcodes on your mailpieces, your printing equipment must first measure up. Learn More

  2. Get Your Mailer ID

    It's the information backbone for any IMbIMb-enhanced mailing job: your mailings won't leave the shop without it. Learn More

  3. eDocumentation

    Using Intelligent Mail® barcodes means adopting a new method of recording your jobs. Learn More

  4. FAST Online Scheduling

    Mandatory for Full Service Intelligent Mailers, this essential scheduling system will improve USPS® service. Learn More

  5. Feedback / Special Services

    These enhanced functions only take effect after your mailing leaves the shop -- but can transform the way you run your business. Learn More